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About Us

CaNineteen is a premium dog daycare service based in Archway, N19. We are a small, fully insured team that has a wide range of knowledge & experience, and we pride ourselves on our friendly and flexible service. We don't just look after the dogs - we take the dogs on adventures, play with them, and encourage them to socialise!

We are a contemporary company - we'll Whatsapp you with updates if your dog is boarding, and you'll find us on Instagram throughout the day so you can keep tabs on your dog! We have special experience with anxious dogs who may not be used to being left alone, and can also offer support for dogs who need help overcoming behavioural issues. Please contact us to speak more about your situation and we'll be happy to advise.

Our Story

In 2017, Ryan was stuck in a corporate job he hated and itching to spend more time outside and working with animals! He decided to quit his job and go freelance. After a couple of months building up a client base and working part-time as a dog walker, Ryan saw there was demand for a friendly and affordable dog daycare alternative. CaNineteen was born!

In September 2017, CaNineteen became a registered business and has grown to a team of four in just 6 months. Options for daycare are expanding all the time, and we're glad to welcome so many new recruits to our CaNineteen club. Get in touch to find out how we can help you!

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Scholefield Road

N19 3ES


M-F 9am-3pm

Sa-Su 10am–2pm

Dog Daycare

FULL DAY (4 - 6 hours)


HALF DAY (2-4 hours)


EVENING (4 hours)



from £10

We look after dogs Mon-Fri at our home in N19, Archway. Our regular daycare hours are 9:30-5:30, and we have a maximum of 5 dogs for the day. The day-to-day structure for our daycare involves a long morning walk (2-4 hours)*, followed by playtime back at CaNineteen HQ, and chill time in the afternoon.


A full day (4-6 hours) of adventures, playtime, and socialising. This option is perfect for dogs who need a little extra attention or do not often get to spend dedicated time with other dogs. Includes a long walk, plenty of playtime and also sleep time with other dogs (with dog relaxation music to help them chill and feel safe). This is very good for strengthening your dogs social behaviour.


2-4 hours spent out and about with the daycare group. Usually up Highgate Wood or Hampstead Heath, this is perfect for those energetic dogs that need a good run around and lots of time outdoors.


This is perfect for when you have a social occasion and don’t want your dog left alone for too long. Includes a short walk and plenty of attention in a calming environment.

*Puppies, elderly dogs, or dogs that for any other reason cannot join the main daycare group on a long walk will stay with a second member of staff and go on their own dedicated walk.

Dog Boarding

£50 per night

Because we all deserve a holiday! Instead of kennels, leave your dog with us and they will receive daily walks, plenty of dog social playtime, and sleep in a safe and calming environment. You'll receive daily updates via Whatsapp and Instagram, and your dog will be able to meet a whole host of new friends.

Dog Walking


We don't just walk a dog, we take the dogs on adventures! We run with them, we play with them and we are part of their squad. We never walk more than 5 dogs at time, which means your dog will get a great level of attention and care. Our regular walking locations include Hampstead Heath and Highgate Woods and spend the majority of time off-lead. We will never walk a dog off-lead without express permission from the owner.


This is perfect for a quick (or long!) run-around. An hour's walk will involve playtime, off-lead running and socialising, and is recommended for young or elderly dogs.


Our Team



Ryan is co-founder and director of CaNineteen. Following a lifelong interest in animals, Ryan graduated with a triple distinction in Animal Management & Husbandry. He then worked as part of the Education Team at Chessington Zoo, eventually rising to a management position where he was in charge of all educational talks delivered to the public. In 2017 he went freelance, splitting his time between CaNineteen and working as a stand-up comic. He has a wealth of specialist experience relating to animal behaviour, and understands what it is dogs need to ensure they are happy, health, well exercised & enriched. 

Favourite Dog Breed: Vizla, Retriever or Spaniel

Favourite Fictional Dog: Dug from the film Up

jake and lincoln.JPG


Hi! My name is Jake, I’m 20 years old. I’ve loved animals all my life and am currently training to be a zookeeper. I love meeting each of your dogs, they each have such an individual personality!

Favourite Dog Breed: Chow Chow

Favourite Fictional Dog: Trusty from Lady & The Tramp



Growing up I was always around dogs, specifically Golden Retrievers. I'd regularly walk the two Retrievers next door and dogs that belonged to friends around the local area. Although as a family we mainly had cats, I'd always find myself in the company of dogs. There's something about their loving nature that I am really fond of. 

Favourite Dog Breed: Retriever

Favourite Fictional Dog: Beethoven

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Laila's main area of expertise is with rescue dogs. Laila has worked abroad with a street dog vaccination project, as well as being a part-time volunteer at a rehoming centre in London for many years. Laila largely looks after puppies and can also be found behind-the-scenes assisting with photography, marketing, accounts. Find out more about Laila at

Favourite Dog Breed: Shiba Inu's, any large mixed breed

Favourite Fictional Dog: Well'ard from Eastenders


Scholefield Road,

N19 3ES


Contact Us

Drop us an e-mail at or use the contact form to send us a message about how we can help you and your pooch.

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"We're limiting our house move to places near CaNineteen!"

"Ryan has looked after Murphy for over a year and we can’t speak more highly of him and CaNineteen. He has a good knowledge of training, first aid and is completely reliable. We are really happy to trust Murphy with him everyday and Murph loves him and always comes back tired. The videos through the day are great and really makes it easier to leave him every morning knowing he is having a great time and we get to see some of it. Best compliment we can give is that we’re currently looking to move house but are limiting our search to places near Canineteen!" Tim, Murphy's owner

jack russell dog, jack russell terrier, dog daycare north london
miniature dachsund, dog boarding north london, dog sitter london
grey staffy staffordshire bull terrier

"Ryan has been looking after our 3 dogs for almost 3 weeks. As it was our first time without dogs we didn’t know what to expect. Ryan has been amazing. All 3 had daily walks and lots of cuddles and attention. The daily instagram videos were highlights for my children. You can tell Ryan loves animals and cares a great deal about them." - Birgit Guy, Maisie, ChiChi and Summer's owner

kokoni spaniel

"Nothing short of amazing"

"I adopted a Cypriot rescue Kokoni Spaniel, Belle, a year ago. She was a bundle of nerves and utterly terrified of everybody. Not long after adopting her I was called out to Cyprus for some emergency family business and I needed a reliable, caring and patient boarder for Belle... this is when Ryan at CaNineteen earned his halo! 

Belle stayed for 10 days and the transformation was obvious from his daily reports, films and photos. Needless to say,  Belle fell in love with Ryan... I decided to set up a weekly day board with Ryan and the CaNineteen team to help with Belle's socialisation issues. 9 months on and it was the best decision I made. CaNineteen rocks!" - Marie Charalambous, Belle's owner

"I have no hesitation in recommending CaNineteen, we’ve found them to be dependable and genuinely caring towards our dog. Our springer spaniel is always really well exercised with CaNineteen, and he enjoys the interaction with other dogs on their long walks, playtime, and pond-dipping sessions! I was nervous about using a dog walker at first but have full confidence in CaNineteen’s skills and experience." - Liz, Toby's owner


"Top Notch Service!"

"I am a regular on the Heath, walking my Vizsla Jonty most days. I often see dog walkers with more dogs than they can handle and for a long time I was loathe to ask someone to walk Jonty. Not any more! CaNineteen was highly recommended to me and I can see why. Ryan is fantastic with dogs, and is really professional and engaging. Just take a look at his Instagram feed which shows the dogs having a great time. There is a lot of running, playing and splashing. He even takes them home for a bit of down time where they fall asleep on the sofa and listen to relaxing music. Importantly, Ryan only takes a limited number of dogs and asks another member of the team if the numbers are greater than five. Top notch service!" Gail, Jonty's owner


"Lucky to have found Ca19"

'Ryan has been looking after our dog since he was three months old and we can’t recommend him highly enough. Lincoln has the best time exploring the parks of North London and socialising with CaNineteen’s doggy day care squad and we can see how happy he is during the day from all the photos and stories CaNineteen share of their adventures on Instagram. Having spoken to other friends with dogs, we know we are in a lucky position to have had someone so diligent and enthusiastic looking after our dog for the last eight months. - Katie, Lincoln's owner



How can I book? Please contact us via e-mail or the booking form above.

Do you collect my dog(s)? We are able to collect dogs when they are local to our HQ or close to one of our regular parks. For dogs that are out of our local "catchment area", we ask that you drop dogs off. We do not provide a collection service for boarding dogs.


Do I need to provide a bed/food/toys for my boarding dog? We do not supply food so we ask that you bring food for your pet or supply us with the necessary cash. We have a large toy selection and a dog bed and a large crate suitable for most dogs. If your dog is extremely large, or you would like to bring the bed your dog is familiar with and a couple of favourite toys, that's fine.

My dog gets very anxious and/or is prone to behavioural issues. We have a lot of experience with dogs that have behavioural issues (especially with rescue dogs) and we will work with you and your dog to help you with any issues.

Are you insured? Yes. We are fully covered with Pet Plan. For a full copy of our insurance, please speak to us. 

My dog needs more than one long walk in the day. We will chat through our regular structure during the initial booking - we are able to accommodate different walk needs, so please let us know.

My dog wears a muzzle/stays on the lead/cannot be walked with other dogs. No problem! Just let us know when enquiring and we will be happy to accommodate your dog;s needs.

Do you offer training?/My puppy is still being trained. We have looked after many puppies and have helped train dozens of our pooches. If your dog is currently learning/at puppy school, please give us thorough details of this when booking so we can reenforce whilst your dog is here. If you are looking for training options and help, then talk to us and we'll be happy to assist. 


I'd love to get some decent photos of my dog! Do you offer professional pet photography? Yes we do! Most of the photos on this site were taken in-house. To book a session (this can be combined with your daycare or walk) please drop us an e-mail. If you would like a copy of any of the day-to-day pictures we post on Instagram please let us know.


How do I keep with my dog during the day/whilst boarding? We update our Instagram feed regularly throughout the day with photos of the squad on a walk, and our Stories feature snapshots of the walk, playtime and the dogs resting. For boarding dogs, we can send additional weekly reports or updates via Whatsapp if you require!  

I would rather my dog not appear on Instagram. That's fine! We have a section in our contract about our Instagram account - if you'd like to opt out of your pooch appearing on our feed, just let us know!

Why are there so many Golden Retrievers?! We don't know. Promise we’re not biased but we have 4 Golden's in our regular Ca19 squad. They're just popular dogs in the N19 area. They all get along so no complaints!


And as you've made it this far, here's some outtakes of dogs (mostly Maisie) booping the camera. No, you're welcome.